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Restore. Renew. Regenerate. Where Cutting-Edge Treatments And Pain Relief Meet

We offer state-of-the-art treatments that trigger your body’s regenerative processes.

Modern medical science has revealed treatments that can restore full motion and reduce pain without undergoing invasive surgery.

Dr. Roy Nini offers alternatives to invasive surgery to resolve many painful conditions. These advanced treatments work to trigger the body’s regenerative processes and promote faster healing. If you are living with a painful joint condition, discover the advanced treatments used by professional athletes, who must get back to peak performance as quickly as possible. From pain relief to regenerative medicine, we offer a full range of cutting-edge, non-surgical treatments. Full Range Spine & Ortho has some of the best Orthopedic doctors Los Angeles has to offer.

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Cutting-Edge, Regenerative Treatments for Neck, Knees, Shoulder, Elbow, Hips, Feet, and Ankle Injuries and Conditions

01 Neck

Dr. Nini & Dr. Lee take a conservative approach to treating neck injuries and employs the most advanced technologies and techniques to reduce pain and restore full range of motion. Neck Treatment

02 Knees

Discover the benefits of our range of non-surgical, regenerative treatments that promote healing and full range of motion for knee injuries and conditions. Knee Treatment

03 Shoulder & Elbow

A damaged shoulder or elbow leads to constant pain and limits range of motion. Discover our range of regenerative treatments that help repair damaged joints without surgery. Shoulder & Elbow Treatment

04 Hips

An injured hip may lead to a recommended surgical replacement – but modern developments in regenerative medicine can produce dramatic improvements in joint health, while reducing pain. Hip Treatment

05 Spine

Ongoing back pain significantly limits quality of life. Modern advances in medical science have led to non-surgical treatments that reduce pain and restore motion. Spine Treatment

06 Feet & Ankles

Sprains, strains, ligament and tendon injuries – any foot or ankle injury can mean months of recovery, or a recommended surgical intervention. Discover the cutting-edge, non-surgical treatments that restore health and motion in foot and ankle injuries and conditions. Foot & Ankle Treatment

Regenerative Bio-Logics

Dr. Roy Nini, orthopedic doctor in Los Angeles, is committed to providing his patients with the most advanced regenerative treatments for a range of painful joint conditions and injuries. He works with Dr. Paul Lee to help rehabilitate patients with some of the most advanced regenerative methods.

With the use of regenerative biologics, a treatment system that harnesses the natural healing processes of the body to restore full motion, joint health, speed healing, and limit pain, many patients can avoid surgical intervention.

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Orthopedic Doctors Los Angeles

Conservative Approach

Many painful joint conditions can be successfully treated without the need to undergo invasive surgery.

We take a conservative approach, with a focus upon harnessing the body’s natural regenerative processes to promote safe healing and restore a full range of motion.

Many people come to us as they are concerned about the risks of surgery and are interested in a more conservative, non-surgical approach to resolving joint injuries. Our regenerative treatments include PRP, stem cell therapy, IV infusions, and effective pain management by focusing on triggering the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Sports Medicine

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Athletes put their bodies to the test, and often struggle with painful joint injuries. Our goal in treating athletes, whether professional or recreational, is to provide them with customized, cutting-edge, regenerative treatments. Our non-surgical treatments work to restore joint health, achieve pain relief, speed healing, and restore a full range of motion, free from the limitations created by painful injuries and conditions.

Interventional Pain Management

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Living with pain, whether back pain, joint pain, or neck pain, can lead to the continued use of dangerous medications, or a patient being urged to undergo a surgical procedure. Dr. Nini & Dr. Lee use interventional pain management in Los Angeles to help patients achieve healthy healing and profound pain relief.

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