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Bursa are tiny, fluid-filled sacs within your joints that help provide cushioning that reduces friction. When these sacs become irritated and inflamed, the condition is called bursitis. Shoulder bursitis can occur from injury, overuse or degenerative conditions that cause inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Roy Nini offers excellent non-invasive shoulder bursitis treatment at Full Range Spine & Ortho in Los Angeles.

Common symptoms of shoulder bursitis can include:

  • Discomfort when lying on your shoulder
  • Pain on the outside or top of your shoulder
  • Pain that gets worse when you lift your arm to the side
  • Pain when pushing on or opening a door
  • Pain when trying to “circle” your arm
  • Pressure and pain when pushing on the top of your shoulder

People in professions who frequently use their shoulders and raise their arms are more at risk for developing bursitis of the shoulder, like carpenters, painters, gardeners and athletes. Shoulder bursitis can be a chronic shoulder condition, so any treatment should also include preventative measures to strengthen the shoulder and avoid inflammation.

Get Help with Treatment for Shoulder Bursitis and Prevention in Los Angeles

Mild shoulder bursitis can be treated at home with OTC NSAIDs and pain medications while resting the shoulder for a few days. If symptoms persist, grow worse or there is a reoccurrence of the condition, contact Full Range Spine & Ortho for an exam and consultation with Dr. Nini.

Moderate to severe and/or reoccurring shoulder bursitis requires more extensive treatment that may include joint injections, corticosteroid injections, PRP, biological therapy and physical therapy. Dr. Nini may also prescribe specific exercises to strengthen the shoulder and prevent inflammation. Other preventive measures and supports may also be helpful.

Dr. Nini is a Los Angeles orthopedic physician and pain management specialist who uses regenerative medicine therapies when possible to speed healing and prevent further injuries. We prefer non-invasive treatments that avoid surgery and the use of dangerous opioids. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and exam with Dr. Nini and his team.

The most appropriate treatments for you will depend on the cause, nature, and severity of your shoulder bursitis.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nini at Full Range Ortho in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills to receive a custom-tailored and effective shoulder bursitis treatment plan.

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