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Bursitis is a painful condition that involves inflamed fluid-filled sacs, called bursae, that provides cushioning around your joints, muscles and tendons. Bursitis often develops near joints that are subject to frequent repetitive motion, and this certainly includes the busy hip joints. Dr. Roy Nini and his team provide hip bursitis treatment at Full Range Spine & Ortho in and around Los Angeles.

Trochanteric hip bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa located at the part of the hip called the greater trochanter. This is a common cause of hip pain. Bursitis manifests with stiff, achy feelings in the affected joints. The area around the joint can also appear red and swollen, and pain can increase with movement or when touching the affected area.

Some patients develop a rash in the affected area, and others report a low-grade fever. Repetitive motion that puts continual pressure on the bursae can cause them to become irritated and inflamed. Your risk is higher for developing hip bursitis if you:

  • Are older
  • Are overweight/obese
  • Perform work or a hobby that requires repetitive motion or pressure on bursae
  • Suffer from gout, diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis

Regenerative Treatment Options for Hip Bursitis in Encino, Fullerton

Many cases of hip bursitis resolve on their own with rest and over-the-counter NSAIDs or pain relievers. You are, however, at a higher risk for recurring bursitis if you do not reduce the risks/causes of your hip bursitis, such as wearing protective padding while working or changing your activities. Persistent pain and inflammation, especially when coupled with rash or fever, should be reported to your doctor.

Dr. Nini and Dr. Lee can provide non-invasive hip bursitis treatment for recurring flareups and help you prevent more occurrences. Regenerative therapies, like PRP and stem cell injections, can provide growth factors and healing elements from your own body in a concentrated form to help reduce inflammation and strengthen tissues.

Other bursitis treatments can include injections and physical therapy. Dr. Nini and our medical team will create a customized treatment plan just for you, with the goal of getting you back into pain-free and unrestricted motion again as soon as possible. Call or message us online at Full Range Spine & Ortho for hip bursitis treatment options.

The most appropriate treatments for you will depend on the cause, nature, and severity of your hip bursitis pain.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nini at Full Range Ortho in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills to receive a custom-tailored and effective hip bursitis treatment plan.

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