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Arthritis and osteoarthritis can occur in any joint within the body. Elbow arthritis and osteoarthritis are rarer than other forms due to the elbow not being required to bear lots of weight. Although elbow arthritis and osteoarthritis are caused by wear and tear deteriorating the cartilage of the elbow joint, it is more common if you have suffered elbow injuries in the past.

Dr. Roy Nini is an orthopedic physician who specializes in non-invasive treatments for arthritis and osteoarthritis. He is also a renowned pain management specialist in Los Angeles who has helped many patients deal with chronic arthritis pain. If you suspect you have developed elbow arthritis or osteoarthritis, contact Full Range Spine & Ortho in Los Angeles for a consultation with Dr. Nini.

Regenerative Therapies for Elbow Arthritis and Osteoarthritis in Los Angeles

Most patients with elbow arthritis or osteoarthritis have the type that is caused by wear and tear on the elbow cartilage over time. As the condition worsens, cartilage thins and allows more contact between bones of the elbow joint. The result is pain, inflammation and the loss of mobility and range of motion in the elbow. If you have ever incurred an elbow injury that affected the ligaments and caused instability in your elbow, you are at a greater risk of developing osteoarthritis in the elbow.

Dr. Nini can perform a physical examination and x-rays to determine the existence and progression of elbow arthritis and osteoarthritis. After issuing an accurate diagnosis, he can then recommend a treatment plan that is customized to your particular needs and symptoms. Regenerative treatments for elbow arthritis and osteoarthritis include:

  • NSAIDs
  • OTC pain relievers
  • Joint injections
  • PRP
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Guided exercises
  • Biological treatments

If you suspect you are developing elbow arthritis or osteoarthritis, especially if you have sustained an elbow injury in the past, contact Full Range Spine & Ortho to schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Nini in Los Angeles.

Dr. Roy Nini is rated among the best orthopedic doctors in Los Angeles. He provides comprehensive care, including innovative, regenerative, non-operative treatments for conditions and injuries of the shoulder and elbow.

At Full Range Ortho, our individually-tailored elbow arthritis and osteoarthritis treatment programs are designed to achieve healing and significant pain relief, not just to produce temporary pain relief or mask the pain.

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