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I’ve been Dr. Nini for the last year due to a car accident. He has always been great. Straight to the point, which I like. He’s done 3 epidurals on my neck. Very professional, great service and does his job well!

– AH

I don’t usually write reviews for my doctors but I have been really grateful for Dr. Nini. My husband and I were rear ended on the freeway, resulting in concussions, neck and back injury.

In all honesty, I had thought that car accident “back injuries” or more than likely only for an insurance claim. Boy was I wrong.

The accident not only resulted in me having shooting pains down my leg and my lower back feeling like it is constantly kinked, but the tension and everything else have led to almost daily headaches. Even with my background in nursing, I had no idea that being rear ended could result in so much pain and discomfort.

Dr. Nini is extremely professional, and takes everything into account. He stresses not to take these things lightly and the importance of consistent treatment. Having worked with so many doctors in the medical field, I can say that this has been very important. Most doctors would take this much more lightly. In fact, after speaking to others who have had similar injury, almost all of them said don’t waste time and address everything now or it will just get worse and keep coming back.

My husband has slightly different back issues now and serious trouble with his neck area. He has also been grateful for Dr. Nini’s no nonsense approach. We both recognize this as something serious that needs to be corrected because we are certainly not planning to live with reoccurring injury, discomfort and pain.

– JH

I have had the best experience with Dr. Nini. I was always in and out and He took his time and was very thorough. I had excruciating low back pain for over a year and thanks to him and the procedures he recommended it is gone! To not be in daily pain is a miracle and I couldn’t be happier!

– TP

I am a 65-year-old guy who lives here in Los Angeles, and has for 30 years. I have some chronic back issues which are well-managed through a variety of care, but once in a while I need some intervention for the pain while the underlying causes are worked through. Also, I recently had an injury to my tailbone and was unable to sit down without setting off spasms. Dr. Nini was recommended to me by two very different doctors – one a top spine surgeon here in LA for the chronic issues, and the other a chiropractor who also works in alternative medicine techniques, for the injury. That two men with such different underlying philosophies would recommend the same person got my attention. And now, having seen Dr. Nini for both, I completely understand why they did. I have found him to be a first-rate doctor, and a caring, first-rate man. He is a fast-paced, busy and very energetic man. But when he is in the room with me, I always feel he is completely “there”, focused completely on me and my issue, and listening carefully to what I say. I try to do my part by being prepared, and listening to what he has to say, even if it’s not necessarily what I wanted to hear. He talks to me as if I am a responsible, intelligent adult who wants to, and is capable of, participating in his own care. Which I like to think is true 🙂 He starts conservatively, and works forward from there. That can be disappointing if you’re in pain and want to feel better Right Now – but I understand why he does it. For example, with my tailbone injury he told me he could give me some shots that would make probably make me feel better quickly – but that if I had done enough damage to cause an infection, it could make things much worse later on. So he asked me to have a few tests done through my longtime general practitioner before he proceeded. Which I did, the test were negative, and he proceeded with the shots. When it was safe to do so.

– LS

I went to Dr. Nini and Dr. Lee for two herniated discs. I could barely walk when I first saw them but after three epidurals and physical therapy I am in almost no pain and able to live my life again. I was very nervous for my first epidural but their staff is amazing and made me feel very comfortable. I also felt confident in the knowledge and skill of the doctors to entrust them with any procedures I needed. They are easy to talk to and I felt like they genuinely cared about my well being. Thank you so much!

– SI

Dr. Roy Nini has helped me live a Better, Happy and Healthier Life. When I came to him approximately 2 1/2-3 months ago regarding pain on my neck. Due to the pain on my neck, it also contributed pain to my head, eyes, shoulders and ears. Well since I’ve been going to Dr. Nini that all has changed!!! No pain in my Neck, Head, Ears, Eyes and Shoulders. Dr. Nini has just been phenomenal!!! I’m Very Grateful. Dr. Nini wants the best for his patients!! Staff is incredible! Extremely Caring and Focused on all the patients!! Thank Y’all So Much!!!!

– VR

Doctors who care and know what they are doing-have been under the care of Doctors Nini and Dr. Lee at their Third street location for about three years. They are conservative in their treatment recommendations and have helped me immensely and I would highly recommend them to anyone with pain or spinal issues. My pain has been reduced considerably and have regained quite a bit of strength and range of motion. Five Stars!

– GK

Wow… I just came out of Dr. Nini’s office today and I’m practically pain free. He’s the only doctor that addressed my issues. He’s tried everything in his power to get me to where I’m at now. Yes, he recommends injections but he’s a pain management doctor so it would be his obligation to recommend the injections. He is awesome and his staff are awesome. Hands down the best pain management doctor!!!

– DC

Dr. Paul Lee is the best! He’s young, cool and a creative thinker. He’s not a drug pusher, (I hate pills), and he’s great with the needle! Take it from this, needle phobic, scaredy cat…He’s the “Wizard”, to my “Cowardly Lion”. I’ve referred a number of people and they love him as much as I do but really, I love him the most! Go see Dr. Lee and get out of pain!

– FA

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