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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

woman in the mountains

Stem cells are blank, unspecialized cells that have the unique ability to change themselves into many other types of cells to aid the body to heal, grow, and regenerate. In the physical sense, stem cells serve as an in-house repair system for injuries. How Stem Cells Function Stem cells are responsive to conditions within the… Continue reading

Stem Cell Injections for the Knees

a man with knee pain

Whether your knee injury requires surgery or can be treated with alternative methods, stem cell injections may help you recover faster and more thoroughly. Over the past decade, stem cell injections have evolved in leaps and bounds. This therapy perfectly fits Dr. Nini’s mission to resolve injury with the very latest, proven, regenerative techniques that… Continue reading

Treatments for Knee Joint Pain

runing man

Knee joint pain can severely limit your mobility and bring pain and aggravation to all areas of your life. Knee injuries must be diagnosed as soon as possible to determine the cause before the condition worsens. Even if you are not an athlete and are not engaged in vigorous physical activities, your knees are in… Continue reading

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