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Acts of Kindness that Result in Disabilities

back pain

People in this world display extreme acts of kindness to others. You see them on the streets, collecting donations for charity. They work in thrift stores, providing heavily discounted goods to the needy. These Earthly saints are a credit to humanity, but their sacrifices can come at a price. Many of the roles that compassionate… Continue reading

Is Your Hip Popping? It Could be Snapping Hip Syndrome

Hip Pain

On occasion, feeling your hip pop is not uncommon and not something to worry about, especially if it isn’t uncomfortable or painful. However, if it happens quite often or becomes a problem, you should see an orthopedic surgeon to diagnose and treat it appropriately. The most common cause of feeling a regular pop in your… Continue reading

How To Relieve Your Sacroiliac Joint Pain

back pain

Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain is quite common. There are several ways to treat it without invasive surgery, including chiropractic manipulations, physical therapy, back braces and joint injections. At FullRange Spine & Ortho, we offer regenerative therapies and state-of-the-art non-surgical treatments to heal the body quickly, make your SI joints stronger and alleviate pain. What Is… Continue reading

Managing the Pain of Fibromyalgia

Older Senior Patients

If you’re one of the millions of Americans living with the chronic health condition fibromyalgia, you’re no stranger to pain and discomfort. Despite affecting almost two percent of the total adult population in the United States, fibromyalgia is still something of a mystery to health experts. There is no known underlying cause for the condition,… Continue reading

The Power of Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine

Doctor WIth Medical Files

There is no doubt something truly incredible about stem cells. Found in bone marrow, blood and fatty deposits, stem cells can regenerate throughout the body to transform into any type of cell. Because of that incredible versatility, stem cells enhance regeneration and healing by rebuilding the damage with fresh, healthy cells. Stems cells are being… Continue reading

The Many Faces of Chronic Back Pain

Back Pain

The back is a core structure in the human body. Every animal has unique anatomical features that should work in harmony together. However, over time, wear and tear can manifest in different ways. The spine and other regions of the back absorb significant forces. This can lead to injuries, deterioration or the development of degenerative… Continue reading

Do You Have Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Wrist Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms most often present as a numb or tingling feeling in your fingers or hand, and can extend into the forearm. The sensation can feel akin to an electric shock. This presents in the thumb, along with the index, ring or middle fingers, and can radiate from the wrist further up the… Continue reading

How PRP Injections Can Help Soft Tissue Injuries

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After a soft tissue injury, many people can suffer from chronic pain. Surgery can cause patients to experience swelling and pain for weeks. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can provide faster and more complete healing with or without surgery. Here is how PRP injections can help soft tissue injuries. How PRP Injections Work Specialized cells called… Continue reading

Benefits of PRP Injections for Athletes

PRP Injections

Athletes are placed under significant pressure for high performance in every game. This can place tremendous physical stress on their bodies. Injuries can keep athletes from getting back into the competition. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can help athletes recover faster from a wide range of injuries. Here are three benefits PRP injections can provide for… Continue reading

Opioid-Free Treatment for Cancer Pain

Medical Professional

There are many different options for pain relief when going through cancer treatment. Beyond the typical opioid medications, there are other resources for help. You can discuss your pain with your Oncologist to find the best course of treatment for your discomfort during your cancer journey. Adjuvant Analgesics Antidepressants, anticonvulsants and steroids are often used… Continue reading

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