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An impingement indicates a body component that has become pinched. Shoulder impingement syndrome specifically is when the shoulder blade pinches or impinges the rotator cuff. This causes pain and inflammation, limiting function and mobility. Dr. Roy Nini and Dr. Paul Lee offer treatment for shoulder impingement syndrome at Full Range Spine & Ortho in Los Angeles.

Shoulder impingement frequently occurs in those who perform repeated overhead arm motions, such as baseball players, volleyball players, swimmers, painters and window washers. Repetitive activity and/or overuse can cause inflammation of the shoulder tendons or bursae, causing them to interfere with the movement of the rotator cuff and shoulder joint.

Symptoms typically develop gradually and include pain when moving the arm, especially outward or overhead, pain and tenderness in the front of the shoulder when at rest, pain when lying on the affected side and shoulder and arm weakness. Shoulder impingement commonly occurs with shoulder bursitis and/or tendonitis.

Los Angeles Treatment for Shoulder Impingement, Related Injuries

Dr. Nini will diagnose shoulder impingement with a physical exam, movement and range of motion evaluations, x-rays and MRI imaging. After determining the extent of the condition and any related conditions, he can recommend a customized treatment plan to address every aspect of your injury. Dr. Nini uses regenerative therapies to help the body heal itself when possible. These can include PRP, A2M, stem cell therapy and other biological treatments.

He routinely recommends NSAIDs to reduce inflammation, cold therapy, steroid injections and physical therapy, including strengthening exercises to prevent more problems in the future. Physical therapy can also teach you some exercises to repeat at home over time to continue improving your range of motion and increasing shoulder strength.

Dr. Nini is both an orthopedic physician and a pain management expert who prefers non-invasive treatments that avoid surgery and the use of dangerous opioids. Contact Full Range Spine & Ortho today to schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Nini if you suspect you have a shoulder impingement injury.

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