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Dr. Roy Nini is often called upon to help patients restore range of motion after a surgical procedure. If you have scheduled a surgery to resolve a painful musculoskeletal condition, we can help you both before and after your surgical procedure.

For some types of injuries and conditions, surgery is the only solution

At Full Range Spine & Ortho, we use minimally-invasive treatments and take a conservative approach to treating injuries, but in some cases these treatments will not mend a serious condition.

Some conditions and injuries must be treated with surgery, including:

  • Advanced bone damage (fracture, bone edema)
  • Damaged joint (deformity)
  • Chronic pain due to severe condition
  • Stiffness and limited motion that will not resolve with conservative, non-invasive treatments

To prepare for surgery, you want your body to be as healthy as possible, and we can help

Dr. Nini can help you prepare for surgery with regenerative treatments to help you heal faster. These treatments can be performed prior to surgery, or after your surgery is complete, in the operating room. The regenerative cells (PRP, A2M) can be administered to the treated area to help speed recovery, and ward off the risk of infection.

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Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nini or Dr. Lee to discover how your injury, condition, or pain can be treated with cutting-edge regenerative medical techniques.