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If you have chronic pain, staying active can be a struggle. Strong muscles and joints are crucial for reducing your risks for injury from falls and maintaining your mental health. There are things you can do to help you become more comfortable so you can enjoy your life. Here are three pain management tips to help boost your mobility.

Choose Healthy Foods

Your body needs the proper nutrition to function and heal so you can enjoy everything life has to offer. Nutritious food can also decrease inflammation to help with pain management. You may have mobility issues due to excess weight from your diet. A healthy diet can help you shed the pounds that are putting pressure on your joints. To help relieve inflammation, keep away from processed food and fill your plate with lean proteins and leafy vegetables. Instead of sodas or other sugary beverages, drink water or tea.

Engage in Daily Exercise

Strengthening your muscles can improve pain management. You can start your daily exercise with simple stretching or walking around the block. As you improve your mobility, you can add activities like yoga or aerobics. You may also want to consider physical therapy if you have injuries that can affect movement. Before beginning any exercise regimen, you should consult your doctor to prevent any health complications.

Consider Pain Management Treatments

By addressing your chronic pain with pain management treatments, you can boost your overall mobility. Helpful treatments can include stem cell therapy, spinal cord stimulation, PRP and joint injections. A consultation with an orthopedic specialist can help you figure out what treatments are best suited for your particular needs.

Get Help with Your Pain Management to Boost Mobility

Whether your stiffness and pain is from an injury or health condition, your mobility can get worse over time if not addressed properly. This can lead to life-threatening health conditions. There are numerous options beyond medication or surgery that can be effective for pain management to boost mobility. FullRange Spine & Ortho provides a full range of regenerative medical treatments to help you find relief so you can stay active and healthy. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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