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People in this world display extreme acts of kindness to others. You see them on the streets, collecting donations for charity. They work in thrift stores, providing heavily discounted goods to the needy. These Earthly saints are a credit to humanity, but their sacrifices can come at a price.

Many of the roles that compassionate individuals take on are strenuous. Bending, heavy lifting, or standing in the same position can take a toll on joints. In addition, a lifetime’s dedication to caring for others can result in pain and suffering down the line.

Charity Workers

Charity work involves a lot of heavy lifting and long hours. Sorting through bags of donated clothing also involves constantly bending at the knees. These workers may not realize the damage they are doing to joints and muscles.

Over time, conditions such as arthritis develop due to wear-and-tear on the joints. The knees and hips are especially vulnerable to damage. After a lifetime of dedication to caring for others, charity workers deserve the highest standard in orthopedic care.

Medical Professionals

EMTs and nurses deal with extreme medical emergencies. Patients who are experiencing physical or mental trauma may thrash around. In an attempt to subdue these patients, medical professionals may strain muscles and put undue pressure on joints.

Knee and back problems are common in these medical fields. But unfortunately, these areas take the most strain when caring for patients. Even the act of rolling a person over can put significant pressure on the bodies of those who care for the sick.

Disability Caregiver

Those who care for children and adults with disabilities may neglect their own health. There is a range of conditions that require caregivers to suffer physical exertion. When a family member faces physical challenges, the caregiver may need to offer levels of support that put a heavy strain on the body.

If you are suffering due to your work and dedication to helping others, FullRange Spine & Ortho can provide treatment. Contact our offices today to discuss your symptoms and find the relief you deserve for your sacrifices.

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