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Tension headaches are typically identifiable by their associated symptoms. If you are experiencing dull, aching pain that is accompanied by a sensation of tightness around the head, tension headaches could be the cause. Other signs of tension headaches include tension or pain in the shoulder and neck muscles.

The exact cause of tension headaches is difficult to pinpoint. However, lifestyle, poor eyesight, posture and mental health conditions have all been identified as possible contributing factors. Dr. Roy Nini at FullRange Spine & Ortho can provide non-invasive treatment solutions.

Tension Headache Causes

While the cause of tension headaches is not fully established in related medical fields, common factors have been identified. If you are suffering from stress, certain injuries or there are environmental contributors, you may frequently suffer from tension headaches.

Treatment for tension headaches is therefore situational, in that each patient may benefit from a unique approach. For instance, regulating sleep is often enough to reduce or completely eliminate episodes of tension headaches. Dr. Nini may also recommend an exercise regimen, reducing stress factors, healthier diet, cutting down on alcohol, better hydration and any other changes that will help with symptoms.

Secondary Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are sometimes a secondary result of a primary health issue. Nerve conditions and muscle spasms can trigger a tension headache, which means that eliminating the primary source is the best method of achieving relief.

These issues can be addressed with treatments including massage and acupuncture. Patients who opt for a natural approach to treatment are often trying to avoid using medications that can become addictive. If you are searching for conservative solutions for relieving the symptoms of tension headaches, Dr. Nini can help.

Get Relief for Tension Headaches in Los Angeles

Identifying the triggers for tension headaches is often the first step on the path toward finding relief. FullRange Spine & Ortho promotes the use of effective therapies that are not always available from other practices.

You are an individual and deserve to be treated as such. If you are suffering from tension headaches in Los Angeles, Dr. Nini and his team can provide consultation and treatment. Reach out today to learn more or book an appointment.

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