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Most people know about Botox® as a cosmetic procedure, but few know about its pain-relieving benefits. At FullRange Spine and Ortho, we use Botox to alleviate chronic pain. For example, migraine and arthritis sufferers can benefit tremendously from these injections. In fact, it is particularly helpful for headaches, as it has shown to provide long-lasting results.

What is Botox, and How Does it Work for Pain Relief?

Botox is a simple, minimally invasive treatment for chronic pain conditions, including back and neck pain, migraines, spasticity, neuropathy and myofascial pain.
The substance is a purified protein derived from botulinum toxin that relaxes hyperactive and painful muscles. Botox halts the brain’s pain-triggering response by blocking nerve signals. It also weakens or paralyzes specific muscles, which is how it works for wrinkles.

Botox is also FDA approved to treat other medical conditions such as excessive sweating under the armpits, an overactive bladder and certain eye disorders. It can provide up to half a year of pain relief in all situations, after which you need to see Dr. Nini for another treatment.

Benefits of Botox for Pain Management

These injections are distinctive in that they can treat a specific, targeted location. Another advantage of Botox is how quick and painless the procedure is, since it is not a surgical process. As a result, you can be in and out of our office in less than an hour without downtime.

Using Botox to Treat Musculoskeletal Disorders

Athletes who suffer from exertional compartment syndrome can benefit tremendously from Botox injections. They are an excellent interventional treatment for this exercise-induced condition, alleviating symptoms of pain, inflammation and impairment in leg or arm muscles.

FullRange Spine and Ortho uses Botox injections to address other musculoskeletal issues, too, including cervical dystonia (neck muscle spasms), myofascial pain, tension headaches and back pain.

Results are felt within two weeks of treatment. Usually, we will schedule a follow-up appointment for two weeks following the initial procedure to check the results.
Do not suffer in vain when there is such a simple solution at your disposal. Let Dr. Roy Nini show you how Botox injections can help you manage pain. Schedule an appointment in LA or Beverly Hills today.

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