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Keeping your body in optimal condition is crucial for your athletic performance. When you experience an injury, you may want to recover quickly to get back in the game. Sports medicine can provide numerous benefits in preventing and treating injuries. Here are three injury recovery benefits sports medicine can give you as an athlete.

Injury Recovery Rehabilitation

After an injury, you may spend a significant amount of time recovering. Sports medicine can speed up your rehabilitation with customized treatments to minimize symptoms. These treatments can include procedures like stem cell injections, peripheral nerve stimulation and spinal decompression. Physical therapy may be recommended to help you manage your pain symptoms and prevent complications from developing while you are healing.

Chronic Pain Relief

Many athletes can suffer from chronic pain as a result of injuries. Traditional medications may only mask your symptoms and cause unwanted side effects and health complications over time. Pain management with sports medicine can reduce your discomfort naturally while you are healing with minimal side effects. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, there are several treatment options for chronic pain relief. These options can help eliminate the need for surgery to help you recover faster.

Joint injections can reduce inflammation with results lasting several months. Hyaluronic acid can be used to lubricate joints to reduce pressure. Other treatment options can minimize muscle spasms and repair damaged tissues. An orthopedic specialist can recommend a combination of treatments so you can feel better while you recover.

Patient Education for Performance Improvement

Sports medicine professionals specialize in the unique circumstances faced by athletes. You can receive patient education to prevent injuries, heal faster during recovery and boost your performance levels. Orthopedic specialists can analyze your strengths and weaknesses to develop training recommendations and work around injuries.

Innovative Sports Medicine Treatment

Sports injuries can have debilitating effects with your athletic performance and overall quality of life. FullRange Spine & Ortho provides innovative sports medicine treatment options for athletes in the Los Angeles area of California. These treatments aid the natural healing processes in the body to maximize your performance as an athlete. Call to book a consultation appointment today.

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