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A doctor consulting a patient with knee pain.

Knee pain can come on all of a sudden and persist for a significant period of time. Unless you have suffered an injury, the source of your pain is likely a health condition. Wear-and-tear of the joint is a common cause of knee pain.

Inflammation of soft tissues, ligaments and tendons will also cause painful symptoms. This condition is often caused by repetitive or strenuous activities. However, the opposite is also true, as long periods of being sedentary can cause muscle imbalances and lack of flexibility.

Working Life & Knee Pain

If you work in a physically demanding job, knee pain can slow you down or put you out of action. Lifting and carrying will become difficult or impossible. You may also need to take time out of work to rest or seek treatment.

Working in an office environment is challenging when you suffer from chronic knee pain. Sitting in the same position will become uncomfortable. The knee joint is also prone to locking up when you are unable to move around.

Sports & Active Lifestyle Restrictions

Unfortunately, knee pain can really restrict your sporting activities and lifestyle. You may not be able to perform in disciplines that require running, jumping or bending the knees. Continuing to compete despite the pain could also worsen any underlying condition.

If you engage in activities such as hiking, cycling or swimming, knee pain may spoil your fun. These pursuits involve bending of the knee. The joint will also absorb increased forces, which will exacerbate any injury or health condition.

Knee Pain Diagnosis & Treatment

FullRange Spine & Ortho can offer diagnosis and treatment for knee pain in Los Angeles. Our specialist team will identify the source of the problem and provide effective solutions. We are conscious that each patient has individual needs. If knee pain is affecting your work or lifestyle, we will create a rehabilitation plan that is tailored to your needs. Our main objective is to help you recover quickly with minimally invasive treatments, pain relief and regenerative medicine.

Call FullRange Spine & Ortho today to book an appointment for relief from chronic knee pain.

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