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Whether your knee injury requires surgery or can be treated with alternative methods, stem cell injections may help you recover faster and more thoroughly. Over the past decade, stem cell injections have evolved in leaps and bounds. This therapy perfectly fits Dr. Nini’s mission to resolve injury with the very latest, proven, regenerative techniques that leverage the body’s own healing power.

Is stem cell treatment effective?

Stem cell injections to the knee joint structure has been a preferred treatment for many professional athletes, where millions of dollars and a career are on the line. It is particularly effective where cartilage degeneration and osteoarthritis are prevalent. And it combines well with other treatments such as PRP and A2M injections, when necessary.

Because of its efficacy in individual treatments, stem cell therapy has become one of the most widely studied technologies in the field of regenerative medicine. A published study from 2014 indicated that stem cell therapy showed evidence of knee cartilage regeneration coupled with a reduction in pain. More recent studies show uniformly positive results with no serious side effects.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Adult stem cells in your body work to maintain healthy tissue by replenishing damaged or dying cells. Injured areas “call out” for help and stem cells rush to the damaged area and attempt to heal by repairing or replacing afflicted cells. This is a natural process that occurs throughout the body.

The knee joint cartilage and the ACL have a limited blood supply and as a result, the flow of stem cells to the injury is slower. This can result in the prevention of natural stem cells in your body from “flipping the switch” to initiate a natural healing process.

By supplementing your stem cells with your own natural cells, painlessly harvested from your fat cells, Dr. Nini can deliver a large volume of stem cells to the injury and enormously boost the growth factors to trigger the body’s natural healing mechanism. The advantages can be considerable:

  • Avoid the need for knee surgery or full knee replacement
  • Reverse knee cartilage degeneration due to age, sedentary lifestyle or genetics
  • Repair cartilage damaged due to sports related overuse or accidental injury
  • When surgery is necessary, stem cell follow up treatments can speed recovery
  • Can be performed as an outpatient procedure
  • Can improve your natural cartilage quality and strengthen physical resilience in the knee

Are you a candidate for stem cell therapy?

More than 600,000 knee replacement surgeries are completed yearly in the U.S. alone. These surgeries have a higher potential risk of complications and often involve a long, painful recovery. Because stem cell treatment has had such positive outcomes for so many patients, we can only assume that many of these 600,000 surgeries could have been prevented.

Clearly, alternative, non-invasive solutions can get you up to speed quickly and with minimal discomfort. You may be an excellent candidate for stem cell therapy.

Coupled with an intensive focus on the cause of your pain and loss of mobility, Full Range Spine & Ortho musculoskeletal interventional specialists are dedicated to assisting patients to recover the previous quality of life and function.

When you are examined by Dr. Nini, all aspects of your injury and physical condition will be evaluated. Full Range Spine & Ortho has many powerful and effective techniques to restore your health and they are often used in combination to achieve maximum improvement. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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