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A doctor consulting a woman with lower back pain.

Did you know that the pain on your right side could result from issues on the left side of the body? This is often caused by overcompensating due to symptoms of illness or injury. When you are experiencing pain in a limb, you may put more pressure and weight on the opposite limb.

Overcompensation often involves unconscious actions. The injured individual is unaware that areas of the body are carrying extra burdens to protect an injury site. This can result in pain or discomfort developing in secondary locations.

Lower Joints

Lower joints such as the hips, knees and ankles will suffer the most from overcompensation. The mechanics of the body are carefully balanced. When a joint is forced to endure greater forces and weight, it can lead to deterioration of the bones or injuries to ligaments and tendons.

If you are putting more weight on an uninjured joint, there is the potential for developing bone related conditions. This is typically due to increased wear and tear. Addressing the primary injury or health condition is the only way to prevent overcompensation.

Upper Limbs

Although the upper limbs are not load bearing in nature, you may use your arms to lift heavy weights. Additionally, the arms perform a number of functions that require bending and rotating of the joints. If you are overcompensating by favoring one side over the other, it can lead to pain, stiffness, instability and other issues.

It is important to seek medical advice if you have injured one of your arms. You may have damaged a ligament, tendon or joint. With early intervention from FullRange Spine and Ortho, you can prevent issues arising from overcompensation.

Back, Spine & Neck

Pain in the back, spine or neck will compel you to change your posture. This puts more pressure on muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. Eventually, pain and discomfort will spread. While finding a resting, sitting or standing position that is comfortable, you are inadvertently causing further health issues.

Back, spine or neck injuries or conditions are often debilitating. If you are experiencing pain, inflammation or stiffness in these areas, seek diagnosis and treatment. FullRange Spine & Ortho offers specialist treatment options at our offices around California.

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