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The epidural space is the area within the spinal column around the spinal cord and nerves. In this space, nerve roots exit the spinal column and connect to the peripheral nervous system. The epidural space is a sleeve-like substance that encompasses the spinal cord, including the dorsal sac, fat, blood vessels, spinal nerves and connective tissues. When inflammation occurs in the epidural space, it can irritate the nerve roots, resulting in chronic pain. We offer epidural steroid injections for chronic pain management at Full Range Spine & Ortho in Beverly Hills, CA.

What Are Epidural Steroid Injections (ESIs)?

Epidural steroid injections, or ESIs, are anti-inflammatory injections used to combat inflammation in or near the epidural space in the spine. Many conditions can cause inflammation within the spine, including osteoarthritis or spondylolysis. Other conditions that may irritate the nerve roots in the epidural space include:

  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spinal bone spurs
  • Scoliosis
  • Failed back surgery syndrome

ESIs contain an anti-inflammatory steroid that can reduce the inflammation around the nerve roots. The procedure is performed with image-guided needles to deliver the medication to the exact position in the epidural space. Epidural steroid injections can be placed in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine to relieve the pressure on nerves that results in chronic pain.

Neck and Back Pain Relief Injections

ESIs are used to diagnose and relieve neck and back pain. The procedure involves numbing the treatment area with a local anesthetic, then delivering the steroid through an injection into the epidural space. The steroid takes a few days to begin working – if the inflammation in the area was causing the neck or back pain, an ESI can help identify the source of the pain and offers temporary pain relief.

At Full Range Spine & Ortho, we offer advanced and minimally invasive treatment options for chronic neck and back pain, including epidural steroid injections. If you are experiencing chronic spinal pain, injection therapy may offer relief. Contact our office in Los Angeles, CA to schedule a pain management consultation to learn more about our neck and back pain treatments.

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