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Searching for a pain management specialist offering electrodiagnosis in the Fullerton area? Dr. Roy Nini of Full Range Spine & Ortho in Fullerton, has assembled an array of diagnostic tools to aid in identifying the source of chronic pain. One of these systems is called “electrodiagnosis,” or “EDX.” This testing system can be a highly accurate method to help him see how the nerves, bones, and muscles are functioning.

Diagnosing the Source of Pain or Limited Motion

In testing the body, electrodiagnosis can provide answers and narrow down the possibilities. In these tests in regenerative medicine, a very fine needle, which functions as an electrode, is inserted through the skin and into the muscle structure. The patient is then asked to flex the muscle by bending or contracting it. The electrical activity is displayed on a screen, which can be evaluated to determine how the muscles are responding to nerve impulses on arms or legs and how nerves are stimulated with electrical pulses.


Why Use Electrodiagnosis?

Fullerton patients who are living with ongoing pain in back, shoulders, neck, hands, or other area may need to have this diagnostic treatment to reveal how the nerves are functioning. When a body part is injured or has a condition, the electrical impulses of the nerves are affected – unfortunately, often signaling pain to the brain and leading to a reduced quality of life.

This tool allows for an accurate way to identify the source of the pain. This form of testing is often recommended for patients with the following conditions:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Muscle weakness
  • Nerve damage
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Advanced Diagnostic Testing at Full Range Ortho

This diagnostic treatment is not exceptionally painful, but only slightly uncomfortable to experience. For Fullerton patients who have not been able to discover the source of chronic pain, tingling, or weakness, this testing system may be an important diagnostic tool. Many musculoskeletal conditions have similar symptoms, and to find an effective treatment, it is imperative that the actual problem is correctly identified.

Analyzing Test Results

To correctly analyze the results of these cutting-edge tests requires a great depth of knowledge of body structure. Dr. Nini is a leader in the field of non-invasive, regenerative treatments for the musculoskeletal system, and may use electrodiagnosis testing to help you find a non-surgical treatment that produces results.

Trigger Natural Spine Healing With Spinal Decompression In Fullerton

If you suffer from chronic back pain or have been injured and live with a level of discomfort that is affecting your quality of life, we urge you to seek the least invasive, most effective alternatives before choosing to undergo surgery. For some, surgery may be the only option, but regenerative medicine has made great strides in recent years. If you live in the Fullerton area and would like to find out how the regeneretive medicine treatments can improve your quality of life, contact our office in Fullerton to schedule a consultation.

Professional athletes seek out the most effective treatments for musculoskeletal issues – and you can have the treatments used by the top athletes at our clinic. Contact Full Range Spine & Ortho in Fullerton to schedule an appointment with our sports medicine specialist.

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