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If you are searching for effective non-surgical treatment for tarsal tunnel syndrome in the Fullerton, CA, area, turn to the orthopedic specialists at Full Range & Ortho. The tarsal tunnel is a narrow channel of bone and soft tissue that runs inside the ankle. The tibial nerve that branches off the sciatic nerve runs through this channel to the ankle. When this nerve becomes compressed or irritated, it is known as tarsal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Roy Nini is a Fullerton foot and ankle pain expert who provides excellent treatment for tarsal tunnel syndrome at Full Range Spine & Ortho.

Many conditions can affect the tibial nerve and cause tarsal tunnel syndrome. These can include:

  • Diabetes
  • Bony growth within the tarsal tunnel
  • Varicose veins around the tibial nerve
  • Inflammation of the tissues around the tarsal tunnel
  • Lesions or masses near the tibial nerve
  • Trauma
  • Arthritis
  • Flat feet that stretch the tibial nerve

Tarsal tunnel syndrome results in pain anywhere along the tarsal tunnel, especially inside the ankle and along the foot. These are typically sharp, shooting pains that can be accompanied by a burning sensation and pins and needles irritation. Symptoms can occur suddenly or come on gradually. Physical activity aggravates the symptoms, and they can progress to where they even affect sleep.

Regenerative Treatments for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Diagnosing tarsal tunnel syndrome involves x-rays and an electromyography that tests the function of the tibial nerve. An MRI can also reveal if a bony spur or other protrusion is affecting the nerve. After Dr. Nini determines an accurate diagnosis, he will craft a tailored treatment plan for your condition. This will include dealing with any elements that are compressing the tibial nerve.

Dr. Nini also uses regenerative therapies to treat tarsal tunnel syndrome and speed healing. These involve using natural substances from your own body that contain growth factors and healing elements your body uses to repair injured tissue. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy are examples of regenerative treatments.

Other possible treatments can include rest, ice, compression and elevation, NSAIDs and physical therapy. Dr. Nini can explain how these or other treatments can be combined to help you find relief from pain and restored mobility without surgery or invasive therapies. Contact Full Range Spine & Ortho in Fullerton, CA, today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nini.

The most appropriate treatments for you will depend on the cause, nature, and severity of your tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nini at Full Range Ortho, serving the Fullerton area, to receive a custom-tailored and effective tarsal tunnel syndrome treatment plan.

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